LIVE THE FEEL OF KOCHI - A journey with the camera in Fort Kochi

LIVE THE FEEL OF KOCHI - A journey with the camera in Fort Kochi

  • 02 Dec 2017
  • Sunaya
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Every Photographer is adamant about setting up a perfect background for their pictures and this time WKochi is on a hunt for such locations in Fort Kochi

It was not just like any ordinary day in Fort Kochi. With restrictions and cyclone warnings, people were having a bad time and the weather was so windy and cloudy. I took a Jetty from Vypin to FortKochi and for some reason, I thought that was it. We were able to see huge tidal waves heading towards Fortkochi and it was pretty scary to witness it. A person who stood next to me told that the waves we are seeing is not near the beachside and that really calmed my senses down.

Now to get back to work and my first location was

Location 1: Fort Kochi Beach Walkway

The place is full of street vendors, foreigners and a  lot of Kochittes. The trees were decorated with ribbons and various other flashy items. The place was full of life and colors. I really wish I had a 50mm lens, as f this place would help me a make a perfect background by giving a certain amount of depth to my subject and to get a colorful blurred background.

Location 2: Burgher Street

This is a location I felt like, I had to some proper frame setting because the road is quite a narrow one, but what makes this place so attractive is the colorful buildings and is a perfect place to do take some colorful street photographs.

Location 3: River Road  

This place is filled with a lot of street vendors and what captured my eyes was the wall art done on a building with a caption” Live the feel of Kochi’. The wall art consisted some of Kerala’s cultural arts and a lot of people both foreigners and locals clicking pictures in front of this beautiful art can be seen often.

Location 4: Wall art near Fort Kochi Police Station

Who would have expected a colorful wall graffiti near the Fort Kochi Jail? But the artists in Fort Kochi proves yet again, ‘Always expect the unexpected at FortKochi’. You never know what you will see at the next. This wall art which is done on the Fortkochi Jail will make an ideal background for my picture.

Location 5: Kalvathy Boat Jetty 

I always had a thing for rustic looking buildings and color combinations (faded dark yellow with those dark green fungi spread all over the walls). The building just next to the Kalvathy Boat Jetty gives me more reasons to keep taking photographs. The color combinations and contrast and every little detail make a great backdrop for my picture. Giving the picture, more of  HDR effect with some color enhancement would give me an awesome picture.

Point to note: Fort Kochi is filled with places and buildings that can give you t rustic old building  ambiance

Location 6: Fort Kochi ground

This place is near the St. Francis CSI church and the park is properly maintained, with benches under a huge tree and this place is where you can get some classy frames, like the ones you see in wedding photography. The bride in her white gown and the groom in his wedding suite sitting on the bench under the shade of the tree is a good frame for budding photographers.

Location 7: Tea Pot

This is one of the most ‘seen’ frames that I’ve seen people take a photograph of when they are in Fort Kochi. The Tea Pot restaurant in Peter Celli Street is one place I always wanted a take a photograph with their walls filled with green plants as the background of my picture. The green plants and the brown painted windows would compliment my subject if they are wearing something in red. Next time when I go there, I will make sure that I have a friend with me wearing something red so that I can take pictures and make it a memorable one.

Fortkochi is one place where you can set a frame at almost every corner of the city. I wasn’t able to cover the full of Fort Kochi, especially the beach side because of bad weather conditions and the cyclone warnings. I know that I’ve missed a lot of great spots at Fort Kochi and If you think I missed any certain spot, feel free to write back to us and who knows, you might get featured in our next article.

Text and Image Credits: Nikhil Wilson       

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