Lulu Mall Proudly Welcomes Hamleys London

Lulu Mall Proudly Welcomes Hamleys London

  • 08 Apr 2016
  • Neethu
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Little ones of Kochi can now get the finest toys in the world from a walk away distance. 

Sometimes meeting the needs of your boss is easier than getting solutions for those tiny tots who keep their never-ending demands at the crest. However, we can’t ignore the fact that we would never want to bring a dark cloud on their faces and for obvious reasons toys and food always turn up as a solution. A world of toys is always a fascination for kids, and when it is Hamleys toys, all you see is a broad wide curve on their faces.


Within no time, Lulu Mall, as the mall of happiness, has brought yet another surprise for Kochittes this summer by bringing in London’s Hamleys to our city. The oldest and numero uno toy brand in the globe indeed possesses everything that make little troublemakers go crazy. Whether it’s the tickles stuffed soft plush toys or the Compaq ice hockey set, the creative blocks for a little architect or the gigantic keyboard play mat for the tiny music composer, Hamleys at Lulu Mall is ready to welcome all the little customers.


It’s amazing to have Hamleys’ seventh Indian destination at Kochi, after outlets at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Chandigrah. A quick peek through all the divided sections inside the showroom has everything to break your preconception about a cute little world. Be ready to face the Star Trek and Ninja warriors, brand new Mercedes Benz cars and what not.  Be it a birthday gift or reward for your toddler’s achievements, now the city has the best spot with the finest quality products to ensure you don’t fail to get the best for your little ones.

Words: Neethu Parvathy S. 

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