Take Lessons From Make A Difference Organization On Teaching Children How To Dream

Take Lessons From Make A Difference Organization On Teaching Children How To Dream

  • 20 Jan 2017
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Do you miss your old school days? Still remember the fun and enjoyment which you had with your friends in adventure trips and the camps? The experiences which helped us to evolve as an individual and increase the peer bonding to a new stage.

But what about those children who aren't privy to this? The inspiring volunteers from Make A Difference attempts to create an avenue in which under privileged children can be taught to dream bigger and better every year at MAD Dream Camp. Dream Camp is a platform that offers holistic development experience to children at MAD through indoor and outdoor training sessions. It’s a channel for them to realise their dreams and make them come true.

The outbound experiential camps that help children dream about their future goals and understand what it makes to achieve those dreams. This understanding is facilitated through personal discovery, exploring new talents by challenging themselves and taking responsibility of their actions or the duration of the camp.  It’s a small step towards self-reliance and potential realisation.




Dream Camp 2017 is going to be held on 21 and 22 January at Greenberg Resorts, Iddukki, Kerala. Around 100 kids will attend the camp as it’s accompanied by around 40 volunteers. They will be in a surprised environment where they will be able to experience a break from the strict routine they follow every day. We attempt to give them the best holiday experience, while designing valuable sessions, workshops and provide them with positive new experiences. The volunteers of MAD are always looking to be more than just teachers to their children. They uplift the child morale and empower them to be better citizens in the future.It will be a 2-3 day experiential camp that primarily focuses on helping children build and connect with their dreams through a process of self growth and transformation via a tried and tested methodology called the ’arc of transformation’ which involves four group plenaries. It’s been ensured that the camps also act as a recreation space or the child, providing an essential break from the stresses they face. 

As those blessed with a safe environment with the freedom to dream without bounds, we owe it the world to help those who grew up without the same freedom and to see them that their dreams can be as boundless as their imagination. This is the same reason why MAD varies from the path of many charity organizations and teaches the children to know themselves and their dreams better, rather than teaching them life skills or handiworks. In their own words,"We aim at creating activities that help them understand their dreams better and at the same time give them a pathway to show them how they can achieve them. Make A Difference organizes Dream Camps with a vision that every child in MAD will be inspired to dream and believe in their dreams and they have an idea on how to plan their dreams and what it takes to get there."

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