Time to bring in the Christmas spirit to your office with these seven cool ideas

Time to bring in the Christmas spirit to your office with these seven cool ideas

  • 12 Dec 2017
  • Nikhil
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This Christmas season, Wkochi has some ideas on how to add fun to your office space

We all are slowly approaching towards the Christmas Spirit and most of the people are still busy with their office works and assignments. We know how frustrated it can get and here are some ideas to let you cool down and have a great time at work. Happy employee means great results

1) Secret Santa
We all know how Secret Santa works out. But time to make things a bit interesting this time.First, we need to take the name slips, some days in advance before you actually exchange the gifts. Instead of just giving the gift to your Christmas friend on that specific day, Why don’t you leave out clues and give compliments to your friend. You can always compliment them, or maybe even a write a small letter to them and leave it in their bags without them knowing that it's you who is doing it.

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2) Guess what’s in the bowl
How would you feel, when you have to put your hands inside a bowl and when you don't know what to expect inside the bowl? To make things more interesting, you have to do it blindfolded and you have to guess what you have picked from the bowl. You can put lots of different types of things like.. Soft toys, small knives, and nail cutters just to scare people.

3) Decorating your own office space
You can decorate your office space with all those fancy ribbons, bells and much more. You will have a great time working together hanging those ribbons on the wall and can also have those random and funny conversations while you work. You can also make this a competition, where each department decorates a given office space and the best team gets a prize.

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4) Christmas Crib
Starting from the entire set, from making the inn to finally placing baby Jesus at the center is entirely a different feel. Finalizing the perfect spot for your Christmas cirb at your office to decorate it and making it unique, is sure to make all those frustrations meltdown and create some beautiful moments and memories.

5) Christmas Treasure Hunt
Time to go hunting this Christmas season. Placing out clues at different spots in your office and giving teams a run, for the grand prize. This game can also include tasks, where you have to complete a certain game or puzzle, like solving a color of the Rubik's cube and much more. Only if you complete the task, only then will you get the next clue. There are many ways to make this treasure hunt interesting once you put your creativity running.

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6) The best Santa wins
You know Christmas is near when you hear the music go like.. ‘ho ho ho’ and nothing can beat the joy of having a Santa dance-off. One Santa Claus from every team will face off in a friendly dance-off battle and the best Santa will win for his team the grand prize.

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7) Christmas Carols Competition
Let that singer inside you perform its heart out and no better way to find that artist in your office who has been hiding their talents, with the help of a carols competition. You can conduct this competition by dividing teams by department or age.

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