Mega Star Mammootty’s 8 avatars that we love

Mega Star Mammootty’s 8 avatars that we love

  • 19 Nov 2017
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The release of  Bilal’s poster was a surprise for Mammootty fans. Wkochi looks up some of the most memorable characters played by our dear Mammukka 

As the surprise movie poster of Bilal took  Mammootty fans just because ‘Bilal’, a character played by Mammootty in the film ‘Big B’ had a great impact in the audience and Wkochi has listed a few characters played by this legend which has created the same impact

Chathiyan Chandu

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Movie:  Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989)

The character which made Mammootty worthy of the National Film Award and Kerala State Film award in the Best Actor category. The actor played brilliantly the role of Chathiyan Chandu, a negative role but made into a hero character.

Murikkum Kunnathu Ahmed Haji, Haridas Ahmed and Khalid Ahmed
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Movie : Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha (2009)

The movie that saw Mammootty playing the role of the villain and the hero. The story is about how a murder case that happened 52 years is being solved by Haridas. The three characters play a major role in the movie and this brilliant actor has done a brilliant job in doing justice to the three different roles in the movie.

Sethurama Iyer

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Movie: Oru CBI diary kurippu (1988)

We all know the most brilliant CBI inspector in the Mollywood industry is none other than Sethuram Iyer.  A brilliant and strategic CBI officer who solves the murder cases and finding the murderer in his own style of investigation. This film led to many more additions to the CBI Sethuram Iyer series later in the years.


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Movie : Big B (2007)

Who can forget the mass entry scene of Bilal ( Mammootty) in the movie Big B. The slow-motion footstep into the water puddle and the dialogue conversation happening between the police officers in the car about Bilal. It is still one of the top mass entry scenes in Mollywood.

Kottayam Kunjachan 

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Movie : Kottayam Kunjachan (1990)

The rowdy from Kottayam who moves away from his hometown to start a Technical Institutes. The main reason why people loved this character so much was that, even though Kunjachan is shown presented as a criminal, the character shows signs of being a fun and caring character.

Bellari Raja/ Rajamanikyam 

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Movie : Rajamanikyam (2005)

“Thalle Kalip theeranillalla” . No Mammootty fan can’t forget this epic dialogue. It was one of the characters that proved Mammootty can handle any type of character. The slang and the attire proved to be a trendsetter in real life.

Joseph Alex 

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Movie: The King ( 1995)

Director and Ranji Panicker made sure Joseph Alex would stay in the hearts of Malayalees and when he wrote those epic dialogues. The man who knows his words, just like Shashi Tharoor, Joseph Alex made a huge impact with his hard-hitting dialogues and his signature gesture of rubbing his hair.

Chirammal Enashu (C.E.) Francis aka Pranchiyettan

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Movie: Pranchiyettan and the Saint (2010)

The man who just wants to get famous and do good for the people he loves. Pranchiyettan is a milestone character in the list of the most memorable character played by Mammootty in his film career. The character represents the basic desires of a human being who wants to get a taste of fame and glory. The sequence between the Saint Francis and Pranchiyettan is one worth the watch.

The list is a long one when it comes to deciding the best memorable characters played by our Mega Star Adv.Dr. Padmasree Bharath Mammootty and this is just a tip of the iceberg. So if we haven’t included your favorite characters, feel free to comment which character and why you love that character. 

With Bilal getting ready to hit the big screens, kochiittes are waiting eagerly to see what Bilal will bring to the table next.

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Text Credits : Nikhil Wilson       Feature Image

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