#MovieFriday with Punyalan private Limited

#MovieFriday with Punyalan private Limited

  • 23 Nov 2017
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Wkochi is all set with our latest project #MovieFriday

In this segment we will be posting our reviews and experiences we had when we go to watch a particular film every second and fourth Thursday of the month. This time we have chosen the latest Malayalam film running in the theatres ‘Punyalan Private Limited’.

I booked my tickets at Sridar Theatre because it was near my home and I opted for the 9.15pm show so that I didn’t need to rush after leaving from. It was raining as I drove my bike to the theatre and I reached Sridar by 9 pm. I collected my tickets and found my seat at the very back. As time went by, the theatre soon filled up with people who were eagerly looking forward to the film. 

The audience were super energetic and I love a crowd like this because I believe the presence of a good audience can certainly have an impact on how you accept and enjoy a film.  

The main characters of this film had some familiar faces from the previous movie and some new faces like Dharmajan as Advocate Peer, Vijay Raghavan as chief minister and many more.

The theatre witnessed a full house show, cheering to dialogues and scenes that clearly told the stories of our lives. The scriptwriter and director of the film Ranjith Sankar has done a great job in creating a scene where the audience were able to relate with and Jayasurya as Joy Thakkolkaran proved that he hasn’t lost the fire he had in the previous film.

The plot of the movie revolves around Joy Thakkolkaran and the struggles he faces while building up his new venture. The film has included a lot of socially relevant topics, which create a huge impact among the audience. The film has elements of humour, sorrow, joy, and has included a serious tone to the characters, which makes the movie a mix of emotions and situations, which the common people can relate to. 

Punyalan Private Limited has done justice to its previous film and I would suggest all of you who haven’t seen it, to go to the theatres and watch it with your family or friends. In simple words, the movie is all about ‘giving a voice to the voiceless’. 

Text: Nikhil Wilson    Image source

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