Nailed It - Nail art by Rekha Soman

Nailed It - Nail art by Rekha Soman

  • 01 Mar 2016
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Nail art is a rage that has taken over salons and here is a Kochiite who has taken it in hand, literally.

I started doing nail art when I got bored of sitting at home. I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos, especially of art and crafts genre and I was really fascinated by nail art. I used think that nail art was done only in beauty salons and it was impossible to do it on your own. The idea of using multiple colors on the same nail to create art excited me and I wanted to give it a try. I started off by doing simple designs using paint brushes and toothpicks, until my husband gifted me a nail art tool kit. 


I gradually progressed to complex designs that needed a bit of practice, such as water marbling and Ombré. The more I practised, the better the results were. I experimented my artistic skills on my sister’s and mother-in-law’s nails. Even my husband and my friends ended up as my guinea pigs. Painting Batman and Minions were my favorite and  most challenging design. It was so much fun to experiment and paint that I soon started filming whatever I did. I made sure pictures and videos went up on social media. Thus ‘Reksperiments’, my Youtube channel, was born. This acts as a source of feedback and suggestions.

What I’ve understood after learning nail art on my own is that you don’t necessarily need to go to a parlour to get your nails done. With practise and patience, you can do it at home and offer your services to others as well. There are endless number of tutorials on YouTube by professional nail artists who run channels such as Robin Moses Nail Art and Nail Career Education, which give you step-by-step instructions on how to go about it. If you are not good at drawing, then you can try nail decals or stamping tools to do nail art. 


I feel that nail art is still not appreciated in Kerala, unlike in the northern parts of India, where nail salons are a more common sight. In western countries, nail art is quite popular and they even have nail art competitions, were nail artists can compete with each other. Even though I have a full-time job now, I still do nail art along with my other interests such as drawing and paper quilling. The endless possibilities of creating new designs on my nail canvas, inspires me to pursue nail art even more. 


Here are some tips:

  • Wash and dry your hands. Get a manicure done if  you can. 

  • If your nails are too short, you can consider using acrylic nails.

  • Have all the tools handy and work fast. 

  • Use a ear bud with remover to correct mistakes.

  • Apply clear nail polish every three days to make your designs last longer.

  • Wear gloves if you are doing any heavy duty work.

  • Experiment with colors and patterns.


Watch Rekha experiment at


Words and Photos by Rekha Soman


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