Never a dull moment when you have 6 siblings

Never a dull moment when you have 6 siblings

  • 28 Nov 2017
  • Sunaya
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Mr and Mrs Elvis Kottooran are the perfect example for Pro-Life

The world as we know it is changing. While there are families who believe in having only two or three children, there are also families who believe that it is their duty to raise as many children they receive. Mr and Mrs Elvis Kottooran are a perfect example of such a family. “We have seven children in heaven guiding our seven children here on Earth.” says Mr Elvis, a proud father of 14 children.

I had always felt confused how they manage to look after seven children, when my mom says “ these two are more than I can handle”. The secret to having able to solve the problem of taking caring of all the seven lies in the age difference between the siblings. The eldest one Elriya had a little bit of experience when Joanna, the second child was born after two years. When the third child, Chris was born, Elriya had some experience looking after Joanna and these experiences came into play for the following children. As the numbers grew, the elder ones were ready and experienced on how to look after the young ones even if the parents are not home.Maybe that's why they never to be seemed to be worried about leaving young Isabelle, who is just two years old with her siblings.

It is always a joyous scenario to watch, when the family gets together and it always a great sight to see all the nine members of the family get out of the car. I had recently visited their home and for a place which has seven kids, it looked so clean and cozy (  a heaven compared to my bedroom).

While there are many things that worry parents about their children,  these kids are receiving one of the best educations they can get anywhere. Home schooling has been playing a major role in building up the future generation. This method enables children to invest more time into arts and sports and not just literature and science. When most of the families are trying hard just to maintain their marriage from breaking off, families like Elvis’s are a perfect role model for those looking for inspiration.

Text: Nikhil Wilson

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