Now Everyone Can Take Their Fashion Line Online

Now Everyone Can Take Their Fashion Line Online

  • 22 Mar 2016
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No one can predict when the entrepreneurial bug bites you, but when you are bitten, you will be committed like this gang of friends that are taking designers online with Hashboosh.

A smirch of the fatuous wrapped in ostentatious is all about how the term ‘hashboosh’ sounds like. But this gang of techy friends – namely Ravi Sankar R., Javed Anaz and Dhibin Jacob Cheruvathur redefined the term and generated a meaning not less than a revolution in the field of fashion and business. Bringing in an online platform for budding designers and harnessing it as a podium for e-commerce is indeed an idea which is one of a kind. is such a brave attempt by the trio that works on multiple levels starting from competitions for young designers with subsequent manufacturing of the best designs and finally delivering for online purchase.  


No one knows when exactly the entrepreneurial bug bites you, but when you are bitten, be ready to veer off and take paths nobody has ever dared to take, just like these three friends.  Hashboosh was born while the trio was working on an entrepreneurship project as part of an executive MBA program. Seldom did they know that it was going to change their career and life. “It was a 10 credit project for which we secured A+ and was chosen as the best entrepreneurship project of the batch while we were pursuing our management course”, says Javeed with delight in his words. “We have done massive legwork to production units and manufacturing centers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Surat to research on the same.


After the online registration, the website ( runs a number of design competitions for various categories in apparel, both western and ethnic, which follows selection procedure via online voting. The selected designs are translated at manufacturing units they have set up at Padamugal, Kochi. Their in-house designer Vaisakh M.P. has joined the trio, leaving a lucrative job in the industry.


Their IT backgrounds got them an edge over the other sprouting business groups. “Being IT savvy, we had been trained to see everything as a ‘system’, which is decoded into an ‘input’ that goes through a ‘process’ to acquire the right ‘output’,” says Javeed. Being new to the fashion ecosystem and profit assumptions, they wanted their business to take seed right from the organic level. Hence, their foremost initiatives included visiting production units and young designers, which boosted their learning and led to positive experiments in the industry. Gradually the business widened to larger crowd and within no time, the website spun into a full-fledged e-commerce website with huge traffic. So it is just not a well designed idea but well designed community that you will receive at

Words by: Neethu Parvathy S

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