Our favourites from Kochi's first flea market- On Flea.k

Our favourites from Kochi's first flea market- On Flea.k

  • 06 Feb 2017
  • Sunaya
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Kochi’s first flea market, On Flea.k, was quite literally on fleek. Judging by the crowd that turned up at the Cochin Gymkhana, it sure was a success. The minimalistic decor with fairy lights and jute gave the place a very happy vibe, along with music and lots of fun and laughter. From all the shops around, most of them have an active online business and a few pop-up shops at such flea markets. Out of them all, here are a few of our favorites. Read this to know more about the first flea market in Kochi.

 Ann Benjamin:

A mother to a 4-year-old child, a chocolatier, and an anchor, Ann Benjamin dons a hat with quite a lot of feathers in it. Her stall at On Flea.k showcased silver jewellery.


Already with two shops in Kochi, Floweringo delivered smiles to their customers with bouquets of dried flowers and lucky bamboos. 

Leena George:

For those who’ve tried to make a twine ball will know just how hard it is. Leena’s story is quite inspiring. She was bedridden for a while before she got back on her feet. To get herself engaged into something, she started making showpieces out of disposable goods like keys and bottles. 

 Nakedly Yours:

One to get a woman’s attraction- chemical-free body products, and Nakedly Yours was exactly that. From bath salts to lip balms to soaps to exfoliators, Nakedly Yours had everything you need to have a long and relaxing bath. They even had people placing orders for their Valentine’s hampers that were put out for display.

Anita Menon:

Whoever said painting is silent poetry is absolutely right because Anita Menon’s paintings did just that. Beautiful paintings depicting our culture, and others that she replicated were on sale at On Flea.k. Her paintings are all oil on canvas and the showstopper there was a portrait she’d done of her daughter Sruthi.

 The Pep Wood Store:

The peppy collection of books, cards, and coaster at the Pep Wood Store seemed to grab everyone’s attention at On Flea.k since they were completely made out of wood. Their business cards were also printed on thin wood. Since Valentine’s is right around the corner, the Pep Wood Store had a sweet collection of cards, especially for  Valentine’s Day.

 Something Sketchy and The Black Canvas:

Two friends, all the way from Bangalore had come to set their work on  display here at On. Flea.k. Something sketchy was Madhuvanti’s brainchild. After having worked for a while at advertising  agencies, she decided to put her illustrations to use, and thus, Something Sketchy was born. The Black Canvas belongs   to Khyati Dodhia, who had hand-made leather goodies, like bags and journals.


Known for their matchbox comics, Kokachi had a small stall at the On Flea.k market. The name is inspired from the little kokachi that would come haunt toddlers if they didn’t eat their meals right.

The Village Fair:

When nonstick pans replaced natural cookware, Priya Deepak, owner of The Village Fair decided to do something about it. Most people switched to nonstick pans since it’s easy to use and natural cookware takes some time to age and come to a stage where it can be used. Priya’s cookware can be ordered online.

Virile Beard Oil:

Virile beard oil went viral at On Flea.k with their unique creations of beard oil that will induce growth. Virile did not have sales but they did give out free samples of their two types oil, The Huntsman and Lumberjack.


Shades on a hot day? Refreshing. Wooden shades on a hot day? Eco-friendly and refreshing. Woodium went the eco-friendly way and came up with wooden frames, shades and even phone cases.

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