6 Party Decorators From Kochi Who Will Make Your Dream Party Come True

6 Party Decorators From Kochi Who Will Make Your Dream Party Come True

  • 02 Jun 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

Life is an accumulation small moments but amidst those there are those big moments when you want to throw a party and let the world join in your happiness. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, birth of a child, anniversary or one of the umpteen reasons to throw a party, it can never be complete without the right decor and the right food. The following decorators are the best in the city for everything from party lighting, decorated knick knacks, party favours, photo props and such. All these ventures started out as small family projects and have mushroomed into bigger wonderlands.  


oOna Love

oOna Love was started by Riya Varghese as a way to pass time after she had a baby and did not stem with the idea of becoming an establishment. Two years and several parties later (including Nivin Pauly’s Birthday Party) , oOna Love is doing much better than Ria had ever dreamt of. She does not have a dedicated shop but has 2-3 staff that help her in case of bigger orders.

Signature Style: A penchant for bright colours and detailed decor pieces in large size which often make a lasting impression when guests walk into an event.


Bouquet Tree

The daughter of a successful Horticulturist running a flower shop for the last 30 years, it is understandable that Indu Mariam Philip is a natural at making a party come alive. Indu has been doing party decor since 2008 for friends and acquaintances and decided to make her passion into her profession after giving birth to her first child. She undertakes most aspects of a party right from customized invites, to party favours, lighting, flowers,decorative bits and bobs, everything except catering. She works on the principle that “if you can dream it, I can do it” when it comes to meeting her client expectations.

Signature Style: Customing to the smallest of details such as napkins,plates etc. 


Handmade Handmade

When Tirupur stationed Kochiite, Lisa Mathew did her son’s baptism decor by herself, she was bowled over with compliments and order requests. Fast forward a few years and she runs a successful venture with her mother Kunjala Mathew called Handmade Handmade, that does everything from custom embroidered ring cushions, embroidered towels, to party decor pieces like paper crafts to even wall paintings for homes and buildings.

Signature Style: Artistictouch to party decorations


Petal Touch

Petal Touch is the brainchild of Joncy Sartho, but her daughter Ann Alice eventually joined her and the mother-daughter duo now run the business. They handle everything from wedding accessories to party decor. As the current market is for uniquely themed and customized decor and props that cannot be reused by event organizers, the market for those like Petal Touch are quite high. They also specialize in doing dessert tables that suit the occasion, and theme.

Signature style: Classic decoration style using elements like flowers,lace etc. 


Petals N Craft

Anita Mathew and Bridgit Mathew shared many things in common- living in the same neighbourhood, coming from the same hometown, last but not the least, a shared love for crafts and making party decorations. The story of Petal n Craft began when they worked together for decorating a church feast. Both of them had been doing party decorations from earlier and this occasion persuaded them to start working together. They are mostly loved for their delicate paper decorative works for events like baptisms and birthday parties.

signature style: Delicate paper works



Gracias is the endeavour of Cissy Jose. Started as a favour gift store in July 2014, the shop gradually started doing paper decor as well. All the products are made to order and they have no dedicated shop. Their main market is for small christenings and birthday parties.

Signature Style: Highly personalized party favours


Words: Fathima Abdul Kader

Images: Official Facebook Pages

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