Prolong the night at East India Street Café in Fort Kochi

Prolong the night at East India Street Café in Fort Kochi

  • 22 Jan 2018
  • Nikhil
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Fort Kochi’s first 24 hour open café – East India Street Café – opens at Fragrant Nature Hotel

Entering through the porch of the latest entrant in the food scene at Kochi - East India Street Café at Fragrant Nature, a five-star boutique art hotel in Fort Kochi - one seems to have time travelled to London. Opened to wide applause over the weekend, the café has the acclaim of being Fort Kochi’s first 24-hour open café. The inauguration was a gala event which saw the participation of several guests, with the chief stars being actors Parvathy Nambiar and Antony Varghese. The band Twice the Bliss performed live later into the evening.

The cuisine consists of authentic British comfort food, which is evident from the décor and ambience of the place, which has been done up to mimic the typical London street scene. Other than being open throughout the day, the highlight of the cafeteria is the food, which the hotel promises to be the freshest, safest, and most hygienic, being sourced from the parent company’s own farms – Aroma Fresh – where fruits and vegetables are grown organically and are insecticide and pesticide free. The ingredients used in the dishes are also 100 percent organic, with masalas and condiments being made in-house.

Signature dishes include Waffle Sandwich, which is a departure from the conventional sweet waffles that are served with maple syrup. Says Assistant Corporate Chef Tibin Thomas, “Our Waffle Sandwich is savoury as it contains onions, coriander, and is served with fried chicken. The maple sauce is also given a twist, and is served as maple chilli sauce.” Other signature dishes include Breakfast Burrito, Formaggio Dosa. Steaks, fish, and handmade pasta are the other focal points at the café. 

Despite Fort Kochi being a place that shuts down by late evening, Chef Tibin is confident that East India Street Café will be an attempt at enlivening the nightlife in Kochi, where options for dining late into the night are far and few. The café aims to be a space for not just nocturnal beings, but those who are in need, such as those who work night shifts, people who have late night flights, moviegoers, and others. “When you serve good food, it brings people from everywhere. And it is not just about food, it is also about the ambience, here at East India Street Café,” emphasises Chef Tibin. 

The name East India Street Café is derived from the historical significance of Fort Kochi, says Anne Sajeev, Managing Director of Aroma Group. With several influences from different cultures such as Dutch, Portuguese, and the British, the café seeks to memorialise the roots of the place. The café also aims to be a safe space for women and families to hang out during the night, said Anne.

Text Credits: Charishma Thankappan                                      Image Credits: Vishnu Thilak

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