Random questions that every man is asked after his first piercing

Random questions that every man is asked after his first piercing

  • 01 Jul 2017
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Piercing has been a trend then and now, but most men are still questioned for this act

Piercings go way back in time, where the Maharajas in the Indian history wore dangling earrings to show their wealthy assets. With the change in time and evolving cultures, piercings have made a comeback. Though piercings and earrings/ear studs were associated with women to make them look beautiful, it has taken a complete U-Turn with men getting their ears pierced as well. With men having piercings, they get asked a lot questions and if you one among them, get ready to relate to this. 

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  1. Are you a girl?
  2. Why do you want an ear piercing? You are a guy. 
  3. So, since you have pierced you right ear and I have heard that only gay men do that. Are you ..?
  4. Does it pain?
  5. When are you going to get your next piercing? 
  6. Are you going to wear dangling earings? 
  7. Are you going to pierce your nose as well?
  8. Are you an atheist?
  9. Are you a rebel?
  10. You must be using drugs. If not, why would you do this? 
  11. So, do you have a lot of ear studs back at home?
  12. You just spent a lot of money on this. You know, right, that men don’t do piercing?
  13. You pierced your ears! Now what will I tell our relatives when they see this?

But do they stop there? Nah, it continues. But does it stop us? Nah!

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