Redefining​ ​Human​ ​Potential​ ​at​ ​Excel​ ​2017

Redefining​ ​Human​ ​Potential​ ​at​ ​Excel​ ​2017

  • 06 Oct 2017
  • Sunaya
  • Features

UNTITLED - Crack your shell, a talk event hosted by Excel 2017, the techno-managerial fest of Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi, was conducted at the college campus on 5th October 2017 at 5 PM. The event hosted 4 distinguished speakers who have made a mark on the world by expanding their horizons and walking the path less trodden. 

In its 3rd edition, the event portrayed the theme ‘Crack your Shell’, where the speakers talked about the courage and effort required to break the bubble of security and the shell of limitations to bring out the genius in us. 

8 year old Robot Whizkid and the world’s youngest TEDx speaker Saarang Sumesh talked about journey into the world of electronics and robotics and how age is no bar if you have the drive and curiosity to learn and grow. Qualcomm WeTech Global Scholar and entrepreneur Arya Murali spoke about the different opportunities for women who are willing to devote the time and energy to the pursuit of success. She recounted several personal experiences where her self belief enabled her to explore amazing opportunities all over the world. Explorer and Biker Major (Retd) Haseena P M talked about how failure should never stop one’s effort. She described her personal trysts with failure and how those became the stepping stones to her success. Kerala’s only english stand up comedian Vinay Menon regaled the audience with humour and a lot of food for thought. He ventured into how career choices should never define the limit of one’s abilities. 

The event was attended by over 170 students and professionals and also witnessed an informative interactive session. UNTITLED - Crack your shell is one among the flagship events of Excel 2017, which also hosts over 60 diverse technical, managerial and general events, including competitions, workshops, talks, seminars and exhibitions.

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