Revamped theatres and VIP movie experiences or old-school seats with kadala packets?

Revamped theatres and VIP movie experiences or old-school seats with kadala packets?

  • 24 Jun 2017
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Movie viewing experience sure has come a long way

Shenoys is one of the oldest theatres in the city with no doubt, and is one of the major landmark in the city. Recently, it was stated that Shenoys was to get a multiplex makeover and the progress looks wonderful as to how the city itself has evolved into taking new forms day by day. On the other hand, PVR Cinemas at LuLu Shopping Mall, Audi No. 8 of the theatre has come up with gold class, entering into the luxury side of the movie experience. 

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With reclining seats and crystal clear picture quality and the perfectly popped popcorns layered with taste-bud slithering butter and seasoned with piri-piri is one thing that any movie enthusiast would die for and with PVR’s gold class, this seems to be a dream come true. The other most famous film theatre in the city being Cinepolis, it was launched with VIP class, offering every movie enthusiast a VIP movie experiences. 

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With all the development in the city, these theatres are nonetheless anyway on their track when it comes to development. But in this process, we somewhere, somehow miss those old theatres where the tickets had to be collected from the ticket counter and the queue was one thing that was hated by many. With men and women having to be in two different lines and the early morning queues for the new movie release seems to be a long gone memory. 

Coke in a tin can is common now, but was fancier those days when there were cold drinks on the glass bottles that was to be drank only with straw or else your lips would get stuck in the nozzle of the bottle. Popcorns these days are fancier, but it was classic salted those days that came in a simple plastic cover sealed in a very organic way. And should even get started with groundnuts packed in a paper cone? 

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Though the movie experience has got fancier and comfortable these days, it kind of have become monotonous as well. The fun of shouting when the main lead makes the first appearance is a major missing these days. Can we get them back? That seems to be a long forgotten dreams now. 

Text: Roshan D Karun   Photos: Various Sources   Featured image source

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