RJ Joseph Annamkutty Jose talks about the wrong perceptions of menstruation

RJ Joseph Annamkutty Jose talks about the wrong perceptions of menstruation

  • 22 Dec 2017
  • Nikhil
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A man talking about menstrual hygiene at a Women's college is quite unusual and here is why Joseph Annamkutty decided to discuss it openly

'Menstruation' is the word that has been tabooed in our culture and the biological change that is never openly discussed.

RJ Joseph Annamkutty Jose was in St Theresa's College to openly talk about the misconceptions and the wrong perception people have about menstruation.

He shared his thoughts about menstruation and about the attitude of men towards this natural biological change. He admitted that he got to know the real meaning of menstruation when he was in 12th grade. He spoke about the sexual curiosity he and his friends had when they were young.

"If we see a girl classmate run out of the classroom on the 22nd of this month, then we eagerly wait to see whether she will run out of class the same day next month. We used to even ask to see a girl’s bag. If she refused, that meant she had sanitary pads in them. This was cheap behavior from our side, but sadly, that’s how we understood menstruation,”                                                                                         

He went on to say that his mother was the one who told him what menstruation was. Once when he was interviewing a celebrity, she told him that she is a little frustrated because of periods. That is when he realized that this was not a big thing and it was something very normal which has always been tabooed and had to be discussed openly.

He uploaded the video on Facebook which went viral and has been shared more than 11,000 times.The video has also generated a positive impact on the viewers.

Text Credits: Alisha Shaji            Feature Image

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