Seven Must Visit Food Joints In Fort Kochi

Seven Must Visit Food Joints In Fort Kochi

  • 10 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

From tuna salads to chips and salsa, here are the list of cafes that leave you with provoked taste buds in the land of Old Kochi

It’s the customary for every Malayalee to visit Kochi at least once in their life and me being a Malayalee, though born and brought up in Chennai, visited Kochi a while back. Well, I have to say, Kochi is indeed an amazing place to visit as well as live in. Don’t compare it to any other city because every city is unique in its own way and Kochi is unique, exotic and heart-warming.  

Kochi is an amazing place to go, to plan for a calm and relaxing vacation and there are some amazing places that everyone should visit while there. There are a lot of food outlets out there at Fort Kochi, but let me jot down some of my favourites. 

Kashi Art Café

Well, this is one of my favorite place to go, sit, relax and have some amazing food. The ambiance over there is heart-warming. If you are someone who would love to get your work done at a café, this is the place. The staff over there were so kind and helpful. A good ambiance – amazing and helpful staff – great food, what else do you need?

The Asian Kitchen by Tokyo Bay

This place is a must visit if you love some Thai, Japanese and Chinese food. The food here tastes so good that I probably should think of marrying the chef who works there. It’s that delicious!

Malabar Junction

When in Kerala, who doesn’t like to have some amazing Keralite food? For the love of Kerala cuisine, you should visit this place. Their Kerala Fish Thali is goddamn delicious! This restaurant offers food with a view, and that makes all the difference. 

Seagull Restaurant

This place is amazing. You would want to simply go inside and have food from there for the way they have decorated the restaurant. The hanging lanterns will make you hang in there for some amazing Kerala seafood, which is actually mouth-watering. Being situated close to the waters, they offer outdoor seating and you can have your food with a view.

David Hall Gallery Café

This café is somewhere where you should definitely visit if you’d like a different experience. This café is situated in the middle of a small garden, it’s a hanging garden café. Their Pizza is so mouth-watering. They prepare it for you the way you want – right in front of you. Want to spend an evening alone or with your friends – I’d suggest this place. And this restaurant again offers outdoor seating and let me tell you, this place is literally the synonym of serenity. 

Pepper House Café

This is a casual dining café where you can just go and relax for a bit and have some amazing fast food. It’s cheap and delicious. This café is very near to the Fort Kochi Boat Jetty and provides a very good ambiance.

Teapot Café

Do you want to have some delicious tea and eat something to kill your hunger? Do you want to have tea in an ancient-y teapot museum? Head straight to Teapot Cafe. It’s cheap and is actually a treat to your tummy as well as to your eyes.

Special Mention: But hey! How can I complete this list of taste buds provoking cafes and restaurants without a special mention of one of my favorite restaurant? 

The Drawing Room

For the love of nature, we wanted writers and thinkers to exist and make this world a better place. But, for the love of seafood, I want ‘The Drawing Room’ to exist. Their finest seafood baked in salt is something I’d die for. With the finest seafood in the city and the best music, I would go more than once just to feel at home there and I’d suggest you the same. 

Text: Roshan D   Photos: Various Sources

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