Shane Nigam Under The Spotlight With WKochi

Shane Nigam Under The Spotlight With WKochi

  • 31 Jul 2017
  • Sunaya
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In a heart to heart with Shane!

Youngsters are getting many opportunities in the film filed, but only a few are getting solo character leads. How do you feel about getting an opportunity to work with Kismath and C/O Saira Banu as your first films? 

I feel like there’s a spotlight on me. When the opportunity came, I tried my best to give my full output for the character. Sometimes, it so happens that you don’t get recognised even after you have performed well. Luckily I got recognized for my work in Kismath. I also got positive reviews for Saira Banu.

In the present scenario, being a youngster, you don’t seem to choose new generation movies. Do you have any criteria for choosing a specific story?

Well, Let’s talk about Kismath. I have been told that the story is a real one. That’s the only thing that made me want to do the film.Then about Saira Banu, I heard this script a year and a half ago, right after my shoot with Kismath. When I was listening to this script, I could relate the story to a very personal incident. My mother had bought a shop and there were some legal issues regarding the shop, as a few papers were missing. I had to go with my mother to courts and meet lawyers. I understood how the system works. Now the shop is having a good business. The story about Saira Banu, how a woman manages to come out of a tough situation victoriously, is something similar to what happened in my real life. From a small problem due to some miscalculations the problems gets bigger and the film is about how we solve that problem.I felt that this situation was brilliantly executed in the script. Anyway, it wasn’t like there were ten scripts for me to read at that time, I only had this script. So I chose this one.

So how do you now select a movie script now?

Same process. I select a script based on how I feel when I hear the story. If I get goosebumps, then I’d definitely choose the movie. 

Are commercial films your target?

Commercial films are not the only thing that’s there. I think every movie, if executed perfectly, can be called a commercial film. The perfect example is Kismath. The execution is what determines a film's future. Art films are different and I'm doing an art film with Shaji N Karun. He is a well known director. There is no need to categorise films, is what I feel. There are films which shows real life moments in a cinematic manner, like Maheshinte Prathikaram. These films are realistic and commercial, at the same time. 

If you had to describe your characters in upcoming movies, how would it be?

Parava has two main characters who are kids. I play the elder brother of one of the two kids. My character’s name is Shane, and it’s a silent character, who has a flashback. This is where DQ (Dulquer Salmaan) makes a guest appearance. The movie ‘Eeda’ is basically an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.  My character’s name is Anand, an MBA graduate. For ‘Oolu’, I’m just going to say that I play the role of an artist. That’s all I can say for now. 

How would you describe your experience with Manju Warrier?

She is a very simple person. I think the chemistry between us was very evident in the movie. As an actor, she is a very professional individual, and is disciplined and punctual.

You came into the film industry through Soubin Shahir, and now you’re working with him in his directorial debut. How would you describe your experience working with Soubin as a film director?

Working with Soubin Ikka was great! I had a certain freedom in the sets during the shoot. The shoot was fun. The team has a special bonding among them . It was Soubin Ikka’s  dream and producer Anwarkka’s commitment that made the film what it is.I must say Little’s photography gave life to the movie.For the unknown, Little has done several ads and he is the one who shot Thaikkudam’s Navarasam video. 

You’re a dancer, which is something not many people know about. Can you tell us a bit about the dance-based movie that you have committed to?

This Kochi-based story is inspired from real life events. It's a family entertainer and that’s all I’m going to tell you.  I do not want to ruin the entire plot for you.  The film’s name is ‘Veliya Perunal.

Going through your Instagram account, we were surprised to see that you are interested in photography and each frame seems unique and filled with life. Safe to say you’re quite like your character in Saira Banu?

I like photography and I would like to learn how to take photos in a professional manner, but now is not the time because I've committed myself to a few films. I'm interested in colours and certain colour saturations excites me. I take a lot time to color correct the images.

You are not really active in social media, why is that?

I am more into Instagram, because it more filtered and you get posts of people you have followed. I’d rather have that, than have a bunch of random people post about unrelated stuff on Facebook. On Insta, it’s at least limited to photographs.

Every actor would love to work in a film associated with director and cinematographer Rajeev Ravi. Well in your case, for three of his films you were selected to be a part of the cast, where you acted in two films except ‘Njan Steve Lopez’. How would you describe the feeling of working with Rajeev Ravi and your relationship with him?

My love for Rajeevettan increased when I saw the Hindi movie Dev D. He was the cinematographer for the movie and since then, I always had an urge to meet him. It didn’t quite happen then. Three years later, during the shoot of the movie Annayum Rasoolum, for which Soubin Ikka gave me a call and told me that Rajeevettan wanted to meet me. That’s how I got the role in Annayum Rasoolum. After that I worked in Kammatti Paadam, and Kismath, which he produced, and now I’m back with him in the movie Eeda. He’s one of those very few people that I have utmost respect for. More than respect, there’s a feeling I have for him, one which I can’t describe. Because if I’ve made a career in acting it is only because of him. 

What are your upcoming projects?

Oolu is the project I'm going to work on. After that I'll be working on three different projects, of which one is Valiya Perunnaal by Dimal, then the second one is by Sarath( Asst. Director of Lijo Jose Pellissery) and last one is by Akhil(Asst. Director of Rajeev Ravi). These are the three projects I've committed to do after ‘Oolu’.

Text: Devika V Menon      Images: Shane Nigam

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