Sorry Mom, I started a film company!

Sorry Mom, I started a film company!

  • 29 Feb 2016
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Ad filmmaker Faizalrazi Azeez talks about his early years and his venture into the advertising sector!

Nervous would be an understatement to define what I felt as I stepped into ChaiCofi at Kaloor for my first interview. I took a moment to take in the overall ambience of the place. Mustering up the courage I climbed the stairs to meet Mr Faizalrazi Azeez, entrepreneur/ad film maker at TVC Factory. Faizal was in the middle of a shoot when our stylist introduced me to him. Giving a firm handshake and a charming smile he  resumed the shoot. I heaved a sigh of relief and watched as the shoot progressed. He had an ability to make people around him feel at ease, laughing and cracking jokes whenever he could and as they took a break  rom the shoot we sat down for our interview.


It takes a lot of courage to do the unconventional. Initially an electronics student, when did u realise that visual media was your true calling? Wasn’t it intimidating when you started off?

Honestly, there wasn’t a moment of enlightenment as such. I had pursued photography even in my college days. Like I would often wonder how the symbol of the Mitsubishi car resembled the alphabet M and random stuff like that. Maybe that’s when I realised that I had a creative mind. Yes, the biggest challenge in the field was the competition, but I enjoyed it.


What goes into the making of a creative ad, from the conception of the concept to its broadcast?

When a client approaches us, we try to outline their requirements. We call it the 'Big Idea'. To reach the big idea we need to understand the client’s target customers and also the kind of placement that the product requires. For example, we had tried to incorporate the legacy of Pulimootil Silks into their fashionoriented ad.


Of all the ads that you have been a part of, which one would you call the most memorable?

My first ad for Magic Cave Cookies will always remain close to my heart. Another memorable experience was working with an actress whom I had idolised in my childhood days, Shobhana Ma’am!


We hear that there is a drummer inside this ad- filmmaker. Is that true?

(He laughs) I have always loved singing. While singing, I always gave it a background score, tapping on plates and tables. I haven’t learnt music professionally but I like giving composing a shot like I did in a  recent JSW commercial. Of course, it had to be fine tuned by professionals later. So yes, I am a drummer but not a professional one!


What do you feel is unique about TVC that has enabled it to stand a class apart from the others?

The stand out factor in our company is the seven- member panel of directors that helps us to get the work done easier and faster. We have an internal studio too that helps us to meet the client’s requirements any time.


What would you have probably ended up doing if a creative director was not on the cards?

I was pretty sure that I would end up doing something creative. My father worked abroad hence I had wanted to be a pilot as a child, so maybe I could have ended up being a commercial pilot.


Who is Faizal outside the office?

I am a person who believes in staying true to the situation. While shooting here, I had to pose as a model, while driving a car I need to be a vigilant driver and in front of my parents I need to be an obedient son. So I am whom the situation demands


 What advice do you have for aspiring photographers and ad- filmmakers?

 Even if you have taken up engineering or anything else for that matter, start working part time in the creative field. A point will come when you will feel     confident enough to quit your professional studies and  continue doing what you love. In my case, I am thankful for having found   Sijoy Varghese and Dinesh who shared my dreams and partnered me. I am sure you will find someone too. That is when you need to approach your parents and say what I said   to my mom “Sorry Mom, I started a film company!”


 Text : Amritha Sukumar Photo :Arun Menon assisted by Dennis Antony & Nived Makeup : Shibin Antony 

 Style : Lakshmi Babu Image manupulation : Anoop Augustine Joseph Place : ChaiCofi

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