Spreading the message of ‘Be the Change’

Spreading the message of ‘Be the Change’

  • 17 Oct 2017
  • Sunaya
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An evening of Indo-French contemporary dance and music took place at Chavara Cultural Centre on October 14

Everyone has their share of struggles while growing up. The situations may be different, but how we face and overcome our limitations and fears determines the rest of the plot of our life story. ‘BE THE CHANGE’ - an Indo-French Contemporary Dance and Music show was all about telling a story through dance and music about life from the beginning to the end.

With the perfect blend of Indian and French styles, the artists were able to showcase and tell their story through dance and music. As the lights went off and the stage spotlights came up, the musical journey started.

Famous guitarist from the band ‘Karnatriix’- (name the guitarist?)a man who knows how to blend the western and Indian style without losing the essence of both music styles, wowed the crowd at the Chavara Cultural Centre. Akhil J Chand, with his amazing voice and his confidence in singing different styles of music, complemented  John’s  guitar with classical notes.  

Rahul CR, the man who did it all from Dj to percussion and to playing the Bass guitar, ’ made sure to keep the rhythm in check. Claire Le Michel, the main attraction of ‘BE THE CHANGE’ made sure that every step she took conveyed the story that they had come to share. From a blindfold act to skipping around according to the beat of the music and sharing her story through her singing and dancing, helped the band complete their task of telling the story of life. Sylvain Dutour was the choreographer of the show. 

Mayor Soumini Jain, who was one of the guests, said that, “Even though I was late for the show, I heard from the audience about how great the show was. I’m just sad that I wasn’t able to make it to the event on time.”

Text: Nikhil Wilson     Photos: Anand A N

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