Stay Safe and enjoy the game - ISL kickoff

Stay Safe and enjoy the game - ISL kickoff

  • 17 Nov 2017
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7 Things you can do to make sure you get to reach home safe and early and enjoy the game

Kochi has been waiting for the kickoff match at ISL and we all know the entire area will face a huge traffic jam and here is something we all can do to help out the officials in controlling the crowd.

Don’t take your car 

Its is a common sight in Kochi to see cars just having one or two passengers including the individual in the driver's seat. Getting a parking spot will be difficult and moving around with your car in the huge traffic is a huge task and troublesome for others. So try your best to avoid travelling by your car unless the situation demands it.

Choose metro. travel fast and travel safe

Kochi metro released a note that they will be having late night kochi metro runs till 11.15 from Kochi Kaloor stadium junction to ALuva and Maharajas ground on match days. You can also book your return tickets when you take your tickets, so that there won’t be much crowd at the ticket counter. KMRL has also announced 50% off on return journey tickets till December 23

Opt to walk

It has been a sight to see groups of people actually walking back home “Kilometers and Kilometers”. It's healthy and it's fun.

Try to avoid taking selfies on the walkway and on the roads

Many people are seen taking selfies on the walkway to the stadium making it a trouble for others to move on. You can imagine what happens to huge crowd flow when a small group of people decide to stay still and pose for a selfie. So you don’t want to be cause of any trouble for yourselves and for others. So let's just keep on moving

Celebrate inside the stadium and not on the roads

We all love celebrating and dancing to the beat of the drums, but let's make sure we don't take our celebrations to the roads and cause havoc. Let's stay safe and enjoy the game.

Follow the instructions of the Police officers and the officials 

There will be Police officers and other officials to guide you and make sure you listen to their instruction when you enter and leave the stadium premises. Just like you, they are also eager to get back to their homes.

Don’t carry any valuables for the match.

You don’t want to go back home with a sad face even after your team won the match. It’s a football match and you don’t want to lose your valuables in the huge crowd.

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