Street art goes on to a whole new level with Kalapila from Street Academics

Street art goes on to a whole new level with Kalapila from Street Academics

  • 21 Nov 2017
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Street Academics, the alternative hip hop band from Kerala, released their latest single Kalapila in November

The most popular name in the hip hop band scene in Kerala is definitely Street Academics. The group consists of members Haris Saleem, Rjv Ernesto, Amjad Nadeem, Abhimanyu Raman, and Vivek Radhakrishnan. The latest single Kalapila by Street Academics is the talk of the city.

Kalapila reflects on the band’s contemporary and philosophical themes of expression and identity. It portrays the average Malayali’s feeling of alienation which accompanies working in a strange city, hinted to be Bangalore. The video features a nonlinear timeline, and is interspersed with images of home and homecoming. It is directed by Amrit Rajesh.

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Street Academics is well-known for their music video Vandi Puncture, which was released in 2012. The band, famous for working with avant garde backdrops, has picturised the existential angst that is a characteristic attribute of the current generation. Street Academics are noted for being the pioneers that combined Malayalam rap with serious content, and they do not fail to excite with Kalapila. Implied in the video is the reinforcement of man’s isolation from others in the course of being an appendage in the capitalist machinery. 

Street Academics have set most of their videos in an alternative reality or a post apocalyptic world, narrated by various alter egos. Their music has influences of glitch, folk, ambient, jazz poetry, grime, and funk. The band’s member Haris has collaborated with a cultural music collective Mappila Lahala led by filmmaker Muhsin Parari, to release politically oriented singles which featured veteran actor Mamukkoya and national award-winning composer Bijibal. 

Kalapila is the accurate portrayal of any common Malayali who longs for the sweet comforts of home. It becomes extremely significant in a world that is hyper globalised, and is the essence of existential agony. 

Words by: Anjana K    Photographs: Street Academics    Featured image source

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