This Super Mom and Fitness Expert From Kochi Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

This Super Mom and Fitness Expert From Kochi Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

  • 22 Sep 2016
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

The conversation about health and fitness has been louder than ever in current times. From people who cycle to work, to the start of the walkway in Panampilly Nagar, the necessity of physical well being is being appreciated all over the world and in Kochi too. But in a lot of cases, people are quick to say, I am not cut out for fitness, I do not have the motivation. One of the first Zumba instructors in Kerala with international accreditation, Shiny Justine has a story that can help you think otherwise.

The story of Shiny Justine, the brains behind JuztShine fitness started out as the age old story of a woman who started losing her fitness during the pursuit of family making.  After sustaining a injury that should’ve been the lowest point in her life, Shiny made up her mind to reclaim her lost energy and health. She took up Yoga to ease herself in to being active, she became addicted to the ceaseless benefits and the rest as they say is history. She is the mom to two wonderful girls and juggles the role as a supermom and a fitness expert to help other people who are struggling with their weight and physical well being. 

30 Kilogram Lighter and 100 Times Healthier

Shiny was a house wife who did not have time to take care of herself. But the injury to her pelvic bone that she sustained after the birth of her first child forced her to make hers physical well being a priority.

The injury that did not let her walk for 8 months caused her weight to climb higher than it ever had before. After getting the right treatment for injury, the next step was to dedicate herself to a healthier lifestyle with a nutritionist recommended diet and to start being active. She did yoga for nearly 8 months and then moved on to doing aerobics and strength training as she started getting fitter. As a result of these combined efforts she lost 29Kgs in a year.

JuztShine Fitness Center

Shiny’s personal journey inspired her further to help others like her who struggled with managing their fitness. She worked hard to become certified from International Academy of Sports and Science Academy, Pilates Institute of America, Aerobic Fitness Association of America and a certified Zumba Instructor. In fact, Shiny was one of the first Zumba instructors in Kerala at the time she got her accreditation.

After working for a few years as a freelance fitness expert, Shiny Justine put all her passion into starting her own fitness centre in Fort Kochi called JuztShine Family Fitness. While it is designed as a family fitness centre, the focus is kept on women and children who struggle to maintain a healthy body and all the activities are tailored to suit each person.

Apart from having all the necessary fitness prerequisites like gym facilities and aerobics classes, this Fitness center also has Zumba classes, Pilates classes and help provide their regulars with weight loss, gain and/or management. Pilates are a low impact exercise which is especially recommended to those who are suffering from ailments like arthritis or for posture correction. During the enrollment process, each person’s physical conditions are assessed and provided with a personalized workout pattern and taught about the right exercise form and breathing pattern.

Her transformation and dedication has made Shiny Justine an inspiration to many. Health and fitness are as important as ever, and Shiny has taken a strong step to ensure that. 

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Words by: Fathima Abdul Kader

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