Techies Turn Artists

Techies Turn Artists

  • 09 Jun 2015
  • Maria John
  • Features

For Your Information (FYI), an art exhibition conducted by software technology professionals of Infopark-based RapidValue Solutions has succeeded in bringing to the fore the myriad talents of the IT community here. The exhibition that is on at the Durbar Hall Art Centre till June 10 got off to a start on June 6 after it was inaugurated by prominent Dubai-based artist and consultant Anand Channar. 

The exhibition is part of the social responsibility initiatives of Rapid Value Solutions. Alongside, it also envisions encouraging the artistic taste of IT professionals, who are normally engaged in web and mobile software development.The event has on display the exhibits of around 14 techie artists, including Melvin Thampi, Roy Anand, Anoop M, Sujit K S, Anugeeth T S, Saranya Ramanan, Hari Krishnan, Jibin Joseph, Amal Tomy, Mathukutty Xavier, Jijo Joseph, Sminu Joseph, Arun K A and Anjali Raveendran. The woodcut exhibits of Anugeeth T S, acrylic works of Melvin Thampi and Roy Anand, paintings by Saranya Ramanan and Anoop are some of the highlights. Woodcut or Xylography brings out paper imprints of ink-filled wooden carvings. The exhibit by Anugeet comprises two such woodcut drawings under the name ‘Patterns of Life’. The acrylic illustration by Melvin Thampi draws out the experiences from his own journeys. ‘Bon Voyage’ deals with the self-perspectives of his journeys on a yellow background, and is done in two shades of yellow and black.

Ronie Anand’s acrylic works comprise portraits of legendary painters. Freida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and Picasso get showcased in their own distinct styles of painting. The highlights of Anoop’s painting are his works of iconic artists from Kerala like M T Vasudevan Nair, K J Yesudas, Vayalar Ramavarma, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Mohanlal, E.M.S. and O.N.V. Kurup. Each painting is named after the pet-names of the respective artists, such as Dasettan, MT, Lalettan and the like. Besides these, the exhibition is complete with the watercolour works of Sminu Joseph, computer graphics works of Jibin Joseph, and photography of Amal Tomy, Sujit K S, Mathukutty Xavier, Hari Krishnan and Jijo Joseph.“For Your Information is a small initiative to breed and nurture a new culture of art at Infopark. It’s a sustainable development program carried out by Rapid Value Solutions. We are hoping to conduct the event next year also, with select works from around 20 techie artists planned to be exhibited in 2016,” says Melvin Thampi, who is also the coordinator of the exhibition.

According to Mr Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO & President, RapidValue Solutions, “FYI exhibition is a unique initiative by a very talented set of artists, whose day job involves designing beautiful and highly functional software for mobile and web. We, at RapidValue, are proud and excited to be hosting and sponsoring this exhibition. We are also sure that this will be an inspiration to all creative talent in Kochi and in Kerala, and will provide an on-going platform for them to showcase their talent. I wish our team best of luck and look forward to a successful exhibition”.Dr. Gopalakrishnan J Prakash, Director - Human Resources, RapidValue Solutions, added that “FYI is being endeavoured as a Sustainable Development Program from the RapidValue stable. It is envisioned as an Art Exhibition primarily meant to showcase the artistic talent of techies in the Kochi (Infopark) environment. The objective and vision of this event is to showcase Art and Designs by RapidValue Designers to the fraternity of the Software Community in Kochi, and also to the fraternity of artists from various other avenues. The primary objective of this art exhibition would be to serve as a platform for designers from all walks to interact and engage. We hope that with successive versions of FYIs to come every year, we will widen its scope to encompass various segments of the society and community. This should help to integrate talent from the world of designers onto the same platform to foster innovation and progression in the world of art”. RapidValue is a leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions to enterprises worldwide.  For more info: 

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