The 10 Commandments to Follow When You are in Kochi

The 10 Commandments to Follow When You are in Kochi

  • 12 Aug 2016
  • Sarath Francis
  • Features

When in God’s own land, there are a few rules you need know, a ten-commandments of sorts.

1. Thou shalt only use public transportation

You will see bright blue buses and electric yellow autorickshaws throughout Kochi. Soothing orange AC buses from the airport to your hotel room, on-demand taxis or pulsating autorickshaws through the city traffic, transport is guaranteed to not be a problem. If the road ends, fear not, Kochi has it’s very own signature boats to ferry you around.

image source: The Hindu

2. Thou shalt not consume any cuisine other than Indian

India is famous for the food and Kochi is no exception. Walk into any restaurant that caters to the local folk and prepare your tastebuds for a joy ride. Word of advice, carry a bottle of water.

image source: The Hindu

3. Thou shalt spend one complete day at Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is home to India’s oldest European church, a beach dotted with Chinese fishing nets, a Dutch palace, the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth and plenty more. Give yourself a day to explore Fort Kochi.

image source: Luxeindia blog

4. Panampilly Nagar, thou shalt visit

After a day at Fort Kochi, Panampilly Nagar is the best way to return to the modern world. Panampilly Nagar has the chicest boutiques, the hippest cafes and the poshest residential buildings in the city. 

image source: MetroRailKochi-Twitter page

5. Sunsets are Godly, admire one from the Marine Drive walkway

Marine drive is probably Kochi’s most iconic location. It was built facing the backwaters of Kochi. The rainbow bridge and the walkway itself has featured in many movies. The walkway is lined with many benches, these benches offer the best view of the magical sunset.  

image source: Flickr

6. Thou shall travel along National Highway 966A

The NH966A connects Kalamassery and Vallarpadam International Container Terminal. Find a bus that runs on this national highway and make sure to occupy a seat close to the window, all you then have to do is take in the beauty. 

image source: Aabha Muralidharan

7. A glass of toddy, thou shalt drink

Palm wine, or kallu as it is called in Kerala, is hugely popular in Kochi. You shall come across numerous toddy shops a.k.a. ‘kallu shaaps’. These ‘shaaps’ serve palm wine and several speciality dishes. The food here is possibly the best in the city.

image source: Google Blogspot

8. Thou shalt not covet the land’s malls

Kochi has the largest shopping mall in India. The mall occupies over 17 acres of land and has more than 215 outlets. The mall is situated at the intersection of NH17 and NH47. Word of caution, this intersection also houses the largest traffic jam in the city.

image source: Lulu mall

9. Thou shalt not forget to visit the Folklore Museum 

The folklore museum is a rhythm of heritage and culture. The museum houses sculptures, ancient terracotta, jewellery, paintings, oil lamps, masks and plenty more. The museum also has a folklore theatre that organises live performances of traditional art forms.

image source: Wordpress

10. Thou shalt enjoy the water

Kochi enjoys the backwaters and the ocean. There are numerous beaches around to take a stroll including Cherai, Vypeen and more. Take a ferry, a boat or even a kayak through the backwaters. Spend some time at Kumbalangi and you shall find inner peace. Kumbalangi is India’s first designated ecotourism village and Kerala’s first rural tourism village. Majority of the inhabitants of this tiny beautiful village-island are fishermen.

image source: Kerala Tourism

Feature picture source: Jaseem Thayal Shareef 

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