The Band battle we were all waiting for

The Band battle we were all waiting for

  • 11 Aug 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Kochi witnessed an amazing concert in the form of the battle of the bands 2017 held in CUSAT college on August 10

Text credits:  George S Manavalan         Image credits: Talal Manzoor

Kochi was energized by the ‘Battle of the Bands’ event held on August 10, 2017, at CUSAT college, Thrikkakara, where 11 bands performed their hearts out to rock the university stage and entertain
the city for the coveted title and take home the cash prize Rs 35,000. The event took place in collaboration with the Marine Engineering department’s college fest ‘Propulzo’, and was attended by
participants from all across South India.

The event was not one to be missed, with amazing performances by the bands and their music entertaining the crowd to a rock n’ roll concert. The contestants were judged by two veterans in the
field, Mr. Vivek Thomas, the lead vocalist of the world renowned band Motherjane and Mr. Pai Shailesh, the remarkable drummer of the band When Chai met Toast.

The audience kept growing as the night progressed, and so did the energy of the performers. Amidst the electrifying scene, we were able to pull a few people away from the crowd to hear what they had to say about the ‘Battle of the Bands’:

“I’m amazed at the reach the event has got in just two years, with participants coming all the way from Chennai and Coimbatore just to participate in the event,”

Said Fadel Hussain a final year student at the college. Others were amazed by the quality with which the event was executed such as Fiaz who said,

“The lights and the audio are amazing, I’ve never been to an event with music performed like this.”

When asked about who were the favorites to win, Nila John said,

“I think Dawn of Tien or Copper Planet will win, though I also really liked Abided Crage’s performance.”

The event came to a close late into the night after the breathtaking performances from the 11 bands and the night ended with the judges crowning Copper Planet as champions with Noodlez coming in at second place. The ‘Battle of the Bands’ is not an event that will be forgotten by the city and with an ever growing audience and reach it acts as one of the best places to earn a name in the indie music scene in Kerala.

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