The Complete Guide To The Best Summer Camps In Kochi 

The Complete Guide To The Best Summer Camps In Kochi 

  • 29 Mar 2017
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With the heat setting in on the city, and summer’s making its presence known, it’s a good time to think about the countless options of Summer Camps for your kids available within the city. From creative outlets to workshops and musical sessions, this summer is sure to be an exciting time to enjoy and improve yourself. WtzupKochi has a list of thrilling camps you should consider before you make your decision. 

Kids Fun Fest by Crowne Plaza

A three-day fun fest that’ll work on the budding talents, letting them shine and reach for the stars. The camp will take place at the Crowne Plaza from 28th April to 30th April 2017. Contact: 8129998724

Oberon Summer Surprises 2017 - Summer Camp for Kids

An energy-packed  Summer camp at the Oberon Mall incorporates art, craft, music, painting, personality development, cooking, gaming and much more! The camp is open to children of the age group of 5 - 12 years and will be held from 2nd to 30th April 2017 from 11.00 AM to 04.00 PM.  Contact: 9895251586, 0484 4000040

Summer Camp & Classes by River Bourne Centre

River Bourne Centre is organising a summer camp and vacation classes with dance, craft, games and sports, theatre, and much more. With different classes for different age groups, the camp is all set to take place from 3rd April to 28th May, 2017, 9.00 AM onwards. Contact : 974 647 0621

Summer Beats - Dance Workshops by The Floor

Check out the most exciting, one of a kind summer camp in the city! Starting on 3rd April to 4th May 2017, the camp has workshops for various age groups to be held at The Floor, Kadavanthra. Contact: 9562036699, 0484 2310679

Summer Camp by Sporty Beans

Start the school holidays with a fun packed camp for girls and boys of ages 3 to 8 at the RSC, Elamkulam. Indulge in a variety of games and creative activities that will ensure that the kids don’t have a day of boredom throughout the camp. The Camp commences on 3rd April and ends on 26th May 2017. Contact: 8137811777

Summer Camp 2017 by Decathlon

For a sporty summer this year, join the 'Summer camp' at Decathlon Kalamassery. With a registration fee of INR 999/-, the camp will be a fun and high energy event. The camp starts on April 3rd, which is also when the registration ends, and it ends on 12 May 2017. Contact: 9961410011

Once Upon a Summer 2017 - Summer Camp

Kerala Museum is conducting a one month long Summer Camp "Once Upon a Summer 2017". It will be an adventure packed camp which includes theatre, yoga (concentration sessions), clay modelling, storytelling, book reading, environmental sessions, film screening & a lot more. Anyone of the age group 7 and above can participate in the camp which begins on 6th April and ends on 30th April 2017. Contact: 8129051880, 0484 4020506

The Little Workshops

The Little Workshops will provide a different kind of experience for your child. Let your kids indulge in a fun-filled camp where they can enjoy themselves while learning new skills and gain knowledge about our culture. The camp that begins on the 7th April will end on 21st April 2017 at The Blue Yonder, Fort Kochi. Contact: 799 426 7971

Summer Music Camp by Crossroads

Band fiesta, a first of it’s kind summer camp, is conceptualized by Music director Alphons Joseph. Being part of a music band is a dream for most musicians, getting a chance to showcase their talents. With sessions on chords, harmony, styles, arrangements, master classes by Alphons Joseph, jamming sessions, fundamentals of songwriting, practical sessions forming different bands and a final performance before family and friends, this camp is one to be anticipated. It starts on 17th April and ends on 5th May 2017 at the Crossroads School of Music, South Kalamassery. Contact: 9895711871, 0484 2551809

Lulu Readers Fest

Contact: 0484 272 7777

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