The Doppler Effect, Live in Kochi

The Doppler Effect, Live in Kochi

  • 03 Mar 2018
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The Doppler Effect is all set to perform in Kochi for the first time, and we all are excited

Words by: Roshan D

Pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture make up the world of music to its lovers. And, for the first time in Kochi, reviving the lost glory of glam/classic rock with elements of progressive rock and funk into the general sound, the New Delhi based Classic Rock Funk band, The Doppler Effect is all set to take the audience to the world of fun through their music.

Talking to the lead vocalist of the band, Sherry Mathews, he said, “We are excited to be performing in Kochi. We have a lot of good music lined up to perform for the audience, including a few covers from our favorite album that we have recorded.”

The Doppler Effect, known for their diversity and versatility in the field of music and aiming to achieve a refreshing balance between the technical and musical aspects of their songs, is all set to release a 4 song EP named Drop. With a great zeal towards writing songs, they not only wish to entertain their Indian audience, they are all set to embark on a Euro tour soon.

The Doppler Effect will be performing on Sunday, March 4th, 7 PM at JTPac, Kochi.

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