The M.A.D Banquet

The M.A.D Banquet

  • 26 Mar 2016
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A charity fundraising event from Make A Difference Foundation at Casino Hotel, Wellingdon Island.

Make A Difference is a non-profit organisation that mobilizes young leaders to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelter homes nationwide. Make a difference solely aims at providing these kids with resources that they deserve and beyond. It is a privilege for the whole nation when young adults take leadership through ownership and imbibe the sense of family so as to work together for raising the cause above self. Creative and innovative events that is of humungous need for the deserving are innumerable with MAD. 


However, this time a thoughtful yet inimitable event steals the attention of all and sundry. Let’s just say, you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food. Right? Presenting some food for thought, MAD hails to you, “MAD BANQUET” which is a charity fundraising event that is carefully plotted and planned by the young minds of the city. This exclusive event goes out to every gourmet in town.The programme guarantees you with the best memories you will always want to cherish. The schedule involves engagement activities amongst the mob, multi-entertainment events and not to miss out the Big Dinner. But, as of now, it just remains a pleasant mystery. 


MAD whole-heartedly and cordially invite every foodie in town. Hog your heart out on the 27th of this month at Hotel Casino, Willingdon Island. Do not miss out to register for this incompatible feast that promises to take you to the land of celeberation and joy. Experience the unprecedented MAD BANQUET as it definetly undertakes contentment of not only making you smile, but also makes you the solitary reason for a similar curve on a child’s visage.


Words by: Aparna S

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