The Magic Of Boney M

The Magic Of Boney M

  • 16 Feb 2015
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Text:  Maria John     Photos: JinsonAbraham, Binu Avarachan    Location: LeMeridien

Maizie Williams is an exceptional personality. Her energy isinfectious as she is ready with a smileand her openness makes it easy to for me to forget that I am interviewing aglobal phenomenon. She is delighted to be in Kochi and is soaking in the warmthof the sun and the people. Performing throughout the world, Maizie is pumped upabout the show and her years sit very lightly on her. He skin is flawless and the white top accentuates hertoned hands.
Boney M is not just amusic band but a global phenomenon. What has this success meant for you?
It is a feeling that you can’t explain. At the beginningyou just want do things. You don’t imagine this success. Then you go ahead andhave fun. Boney M did that. We did a lot of gigs and worked really hard. We were young and full of energy.We were always on the road touring. It is wonderful and a blessing that this isthe 20th century and I’m stillhard at it.
Are the performancesas action packed as they used to be?
Yes. There is still the same energy in delivering the hits.Dutch band Mai Tai opens the show and the magic of Boney M closes it.
You have alwaysmentioned that Boney M was family.
We motivated each other and got the best out of each other.That’s how we lasted for so long. When Bobby wasasked about the girls he said that we looked after him. I was his littlesister, making sure he always ate and kept healthy. Marcie was the mother. Lizalways motivated us to pray and read the bible.
The name Boney M camefrom an Aussie detective series. Have you seen it?
Yes. Boney was a native Australian detective, who had askeleton painted on his body with chalk. He used to have a characteristicdance. Coincidently when we found Bobby, he was exactly like Boney, even thedancing. The M added a finishing touch to the name. We later realized that theM was drawn with four strokes, representing four members. Boney means to penetrateto the bone. So let’s just say that Boney M is the penetrating 4! 
ABBA was your biggestcompetition. How did they inspire you?
They are so lovely.The billboards were between them and us. It is like, ‘oh, here they are again.’(Maizie laughs). It was really a privilege to be challenged by such a famousgroup with amazing talent. It meant that we were on another level. The firsttime we met, it was like we already knew each other and started off with bigbear hugs.
Where do you find theenergy , even today?
I try take to care of myself and lead a healthy life. Myinspiration was my grandmother who never had any serious illness and lived tobe 97! I eat only natural food and do kickboxing. I have done an exercise video and come out with a book on naturalfood and habit. The joke was that what everyone eats, Maizie would put in thebath or on her face. During the heydays, the band tried to pace ourselves sothat we didn’t burn out. We had a lot of work coming at us. So whenever we gottime we relaxed and got rejuvenated for the next session. You have to make thetime. Don’t think too much, just do it.
Boney  M was about bling, shine, and big hair. Soyour current show has the same?
Image and styling are very important. We had two designersthen. One of them styled the music videos and took care that it related to themusic and was original. The other traveled with us and knew each of us so wellthat she would always pick out the right clothes even if we were not there.Boney M has always carried a strong image and it will be wrong not to continuethat. We have the hairstyles, the costumes and the same energy for the showhere.

The origins
Boney M wasformed in1976 by German record producer Frank Farian. 
The band
The officialline up included Maizie Williams, Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett and BobbyFarrell. 
Eurodisco,R&B, Reggae. 
Was born inthe  Carribean island of Montserrat andis a model, dancer and singer. 
The songclosest to your heart
Rivers ofBabylon 
Artists onher playlist
Many including Adele, Jesse J , Will.I.Am,Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, etc. I grew up listening to Jackson 5,Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Sinatra etc. 
Favoriteshopping destination
I pick upthings wherever I travel. Italy is the best. 
Secret toher glowing skin and fitness
I amdisciplined in spite of my schedule. I do kickboxing and eat healthy, naturalfood. 
About India
There are somany different, colorful cultures and the spirits of the people are so amazing. 
What do youthink about Kochi
The crowd isvery bubbly and we are going to have a dynamic show.     

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