The Mojo To Their Music: 6 Songs That Went Viral Through Music Mojo

The Mojo To Their Music: 6 Songs That Went Viral Through Music Mojo

  • 01 May 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
  • Features

From renditions of classic songs to peppy new tracks, here are a few bands and their songs that made us swoon to their tunes.

Currently on their fifth season, a show that features bands from Kerala later became the stepping stone to success for a few people. Take a look at these bands and their songs that gained immense popularity through the show that is Music Mojo.

Fish Rock - Thaikkudam Bridge

The song that defined Thaikkudam. This one track of theirs has been played and replayed an infinite number of times by the youth of this state. After all, our fish does rock!

Kaantha - Masala Coffee

This beautiful rendition of the song came out on season three of Musc Mojo. The vocals for this song are by Sooraj Santhosh and Varun Sunil

Beautiful World - When Chai Met Toast

Bliss. The only word that crossed my mind. Peppy and uplifting, this track by When Chai Met Toast’s Ashwin Gopakumar first previewed during season three of Music Mojo.

Puttu Paatu - Thakara

The true essence of Kerala. Puttu. Check out Thakara’s soulful song that was first aired on Music Mojo’s fourth season.

The Boat Song - Agam

Every song on this list has a touch of Kerala to it. Agam’s song is about the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

Kashtappedum - Oorali

Oorali is basically a tribe from Kerala and this song is about the problems that we face in our day to day lives, and if we don’t find a solution to it, kore ere kashtapedum.


So, listen to them if you haven’t already heard them, and if you have, take a walk down memory lane with these beautiful tracks.

Words by Devika Menon     Photos from Various Sources

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