This Venture By Kochiites Can Help You Learn And Grow In The Heights Of Nature  

This Venture By Kochiites Can Help You Learn And Grow In The Heights Of Nature  

  • 09 Mar 2017
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Terms such as outbound training or experiential learning might come off sounding more intimidating than they ought to be. How about we rephrase that as an opportunity to partake in a fun experience set in the heights of nature that will help you learn and grow along with your colleagues or college friends? Set in the picturesque Niligri Hills, Will On Woods in Kotagiri offer just that and much more. The various structures within the area is also covered in whimsical illustrations by artist Elwin Charly.

The venture was started by 8 friends, 5 of whom are MBA graduates from SCMS. The team behind the venture includes Paul Nithin, Arun Kurien, Sharath Mohan, Adorn Kuriachan and Vaishak Sunil, Nirmal Jose, Jithin Valavath and Mahesh Nazare. Will On Woods is an Experiential Learning Academy set up in the heights of Mother Nature for Schools, Colleges, Corporate Companies and Closed Groups. Set in 9 acres of land in Kotagiri in Nilgiri Hills, Will on Woods offers a 3 day experience that begins with a one kilometer off-roading trip from the valley of the hill. On arrival, the group is split into teams and takes part in various activities ranging from camping, cycling, trekking, muddy football, archery, paintball and Olympic strategized games. Will on woods essentially works as a finishing school for the attendees who also get trained in etiquettes such as international dining during their stint at Will On Woods.

The experiential learning and outbound training is done by Mahesh Nazare, a partner of WOW and the main trainer for the guests at WOW, and the chief mentor to the other partner of the venture. While undergoing the modules and activities set by Red Dot Training, the participants undergo a collective change.

The experience ends with a dream building session where each member is asked to recognize their talents and hidden dreams and harness it. Will On Woods offers 2 workshops for the team who participated in the camp that will be based on their dream – whether it is to become an artist or to be a singer or something even crazier. While 3 days are their standard package, they also offer customized options for the attendees that range from shortening and condensing the experience to two days or maybe just organizing a workshop that best suits the attendees.

With a maximum accommodation of 65, Will On Woods encourages the attendees to find their true self, while having a great time with their peers. There is a dedicated meditations space where Thejaswitha Thayil, the woman power at WOW, helps those in attendance awaking their subconscious mind through yoga and meditation. Early morning bird watching is also another activity offered by WOW that adds to the tranquil experience. While it may be set in the wilderness, the amenities that it offers are far from shoddy. They have a full time chef who whips up delectable meals for the visitors. Safety is not a concern as the 9 acres of land are protected on all sides by electric fencing and they also have a doctor on standby.

You can stay tuned to Will On Woods on their facebook page or on their newly launched website.

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