Places Where You Can Get These Instagram #Foodtrends In Kochi Ft. #freakshakes and #RollIcecream

Places Where You Can Get These Instagram #Foodtrends In Kochi Ft. #freakshakes and #RollIcecream

  • 26 Apr 2017
  • Fathima AbdulKader
  • Features

“If you didn’t instagram it, you didn’t eat it” – Even if we don’t say it out loud, this sentence has become more acceptable than we’d like to admit. Let’s forget about whether it’s a good thing or not and instead think of the many many beautiful (there is no other word for it) food trends that have captured the world over, thanks to Instagram. From freakshakes in which toppings are dribbling over the edge of a mason jar/nutella bottle to rainbow bagels and unicorn shakes. Even though we don’t have a magnolia bakery/starbucks or a way to get our hands on a cronut, Kochi does have its fair share of trending instagram food items. The following are some that we were able to find:



Get on the #SmoothieBowls bandwagon at Oys Café,Fort Kochi
Oy’s Café is a quaint little place, tucked away in Burgher Street in Fort Kochi. Head on over there to get comfy with a healthy smoothie bowl topped with assorted fruits, nuts and seeds. If you are looking to gorge on something less healthy, they do have a number of sinful shakes on the menu.

Just #RollIceCream with it at Melto Creamery, Athani


The Thai Ice Cream trend that has taken Instagram by storm, Roll Ice Creams are available on hand in Kochi at Melto Creamery in Athani,near Nedumbassery as well. A little birdie also told us that the ice cream place Rollaberry in Lulu does pretty much the same.

Just #Kombucha it at Celestial Café, Fort Kochi

Instagram has its share of dizzyingly rich food, but it is balanced off with just as many healthy food trends. Kombucha – the fermented tea drink that is essentially a healthy soda pop. This fancy health drink is not commericially available and there are very few people who manage to find the SCOBY to make this. But if you head down to Celestial Café in Fort Kochi, you can get it for yourself.

Get your #FreakShakes  on at Rochas Café & Bistro,Kakkanad
While we may not get over the top freak shakes like the ones that are available from BlackTap, NYC, Kochi does have its very own version of freak shake available at Rochas Café & Bistro,Kakkanad. Another great option is Oys Café,Fort Kochi.

Get In#spiralized at Primate Raw, Panampilly Nagar

With the increasing amount of lifestyle concerns, it has become common for people to opt for very different eating habits such as paleo, veganism, raw diet and more. Spiralized vegetables have taken over the role of pasta in most healthy dishes and the raw version of the same made with zuchinni and tossed in a pesto sauce is available in Kochi at Primate, Panampilly Nagar.

Find your #Matcha at Asian Kitchen By Tokyo Bay, Fort Kochi

Even if there are people who claim (and maybe even annoyingly tell you) that Matcha and green tea taste like nothing, don’t listen to them. Green tea lovers like this author are always on the lookout for this delicately flavorful concoction in all it’s form. While there are no matcha cakes or donuts available (yet), Asian Kitchen by Tokyo Bay has had their Matcha Ice Cream on the menu, far before it became “the cool thing”.


Let's scream #IcecreamSandwich at Milano Ice Cream, Pallimukku


Unless you are Ross Geller (“it hurts my teeth”), you will agree that Ice Cream is one of the best things in life. Now imagine a good thick slab of icecream between two crunchy layers of wafers. Does it get any better than that? While there aren’t macaron ice cream sandwiches in Kerala (yet), head on over to Milano Ice cream, Pallimukku to treat yourself to some lipsmacking Ice Cream sandwich in a multitude of flavours. A little birdie told us that they also have started to make waffles.


Let's Go Out of (Waffle) #cone trol at Coldstone Creamery,Lulu Mall


Even if it’s any egg waffle cone or icecream taco, this ice cream served in wafflecones with sprinkles and coverings are some of the best that you can find the nearby area. So head on over to Coldstone Creamery, Lulu Mall, Edapally to appease all your wafflecone fantasies.


Let’s #Taco about Sutra Restaurant, Fort Kochi


While there are eateries popping up like mushrooms after a storm in Kochi, there are very few that serve authentic Mexican cuisine and ever fewer that serve Tacos. This Mexican dish has become the world’s favorite and a raging social media trend. Sutra, the restaurant in Fort Kochi, run by a British woman has become popular recently for its Mexican cuisine and is the best place to get your hand on Tacos.


While this may not be an exhaustive list since that you can get #AvocadoToast at Qissa Café and #BlackBurger at The Burger Junction, this is a good place to get started on your Instagram #foodtrend crawl. If you think there are more such trending dishes available in Kochi, leave a comment or message us and let us know.

And if you are not one for jumping on trends go ahead and have signature dishes from around the city - maybe the mudslide from Cocoa Tree, or Cupcakes from French Toast, there are more than enough options for that too. 

Words: Fathima Abdul Kader
Images: Various Source
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