10 Ways to Make Your Child's Weekends Productive

10 Ways to Make Your Child's Weekends Productive

  • 10 May 2016
  • Lakshmi Rajan
  • Features

Though the Summer holidays are coming to a close, the extra curricular activities dont need to. Your child is growing with an abundance of curiosity and the need to explore. Plan out your week and spare some time in the weekends to introduce them to fun and educational activities.


1.First of all, bring them out of their post-examination stress.

Remember that in that very classroom they sat, there were not only future engineers, doctors and scientists but artists, musicians and actors as well. Not every child can possess good academic skills. So assure them that its okay if they did not do their exams well.

2. Take them out for a long drive or for the holiday.

Spend a couple of days in a resort and or enjoying nature’s bliss at some hilly terrain. This may help not only your child but gives you a break from your work as well. Even if its just for 2 days, switch off your phones and enjoy your life to the fullest. If you are out of options, take them to Munnar, or Wayand and enjoy some iced carrots.


3. Make sure your child knows the history of the city you live in.

Tell him/her about your city's history. From the main to beaches and landmarks, there are many wonderful facts about the place that any citizen should know. You can take him/her for a drive around the city while exploring the history f the place.


  4. Time for some grand-parenting.

   Allow your child spend a few days with their grandparents. Leave them on their own. This would benefit both grandparents and children thus making things easier for the sandwich generation.


   5. Begin a stamp collection or a coin collection.

Instill a sense of collection and saving mentality in your kids by initiating a collection. It could be anything, literally. But just make sure they maintain it. This will not only be a definite pastime for them but will send them out on their ‘treasure-hunt’ mode as well.


6. Try bringing the whole family together on the dinner table every day.

However busy you are, make sure you find some time for your family at least for dinner. Share jokes and chit-chats about your family with each other. This will strengthen the family bonding and also ensure a good rapport within the family.


7. Introduce your kids to their ancestral tales.                         

It is important to make them aware of their family’s legacy. This will help them stay connected to their roots. Some of them may even be interested in finding more about the family’s history and this could be their best source of entertainment once you limit the use of the idiot box.


8. Help them take their hobby to the next level.

Send your children for workshops and classes. It could be dance, music, karate, painting or anything of their choice. This will help them develop their skills in a particular area which could later give them the courage to participate in various competitions in their schools.


9. Gear them up for the next academic year.

Try making them learn something that would help them in their studies the coming year. If needed, you can send them for abacus or computer classes. This will give them the brain exercise necessary for hitting the school bells.


10. Buy new goodies for them according to its necessity.          

Whether its uniforms, shoes or other school accessories, buy what is required. Make them understand the value of money and the perks of splurging it unnecessarily.


Words: Lakshmi Rajan

Photos: From various sources


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