What To Expect At The Second Edition Of All India Invitational Blind Football Tournament

What To Expect At The Second Edition Of All India Invitational Blind Football Tournament

  • 21 Apr 2017
  • Susmitha Suresh
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It’s the same basic rules, but with a twist here and there that makes it all the more exciting!

The second edition of the All India Invitational Blind Football Tournament is all set to begin from 29th April to 6th May 2017 at the Alwaye Blind School Grounds. The IBFF (Indian Blind Football Federation) promoted by SRVC (Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged), Kochi will be conducting the event. There will also be an orientation and training camp during the initial few days from 29th April to the 1st of May, with the main tournament beginning on 2nd May. The camp will be conducted by Mr Loo W K, an overseas trainer and referee coordinator from Malaysia.  


With an expected 100+ participants and instructors from around the country, the event is sure to be an exciting and interesting session for everyone. This time, the organisers are also expecting a number of new teams from across the country to come down to learn and understand the game at the ‘Orientation Camp’. The camp will provide the participants with a better explanation of the rules and tactics of the game and ultimately help in improving the game for all.


Blind Football is a modified adaptation of the game Futsal. It’s a game designed for players who are blind or visually challenged. It is said to have developed from a playground sport played by school children at the special schools for the visually impaired. The game played with a ‘jingling’ ball has some differences from Futsal though. All players except the goalkeeper are expected to wear blindfolds and required to say ‘voy’, ‘go’ or something similar when going for the ball! The intent of the event this time is to identify the best talents and look at the possibility of starting the First Blind Football Academy at Kochi soon. That seems an exciting possibility to Kochiites! With our very own Indian Blind Football team ranked 23rd in the world (up from 25th last year), this event is sure to be a platform for new players to engage in and improve their game. The new academy can offer them intensive trainings for their fitness and tactical skills as well while at the same time promoting the game in Kerala.


IBFF is affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India (Govt) and is an organization that is  recognised to help promote this game with the aim to help get sporting talents recognized and developed. IBFF has been conducting talent scouting camps across the country over the past year in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kerala etc. For further details about the event, please contact 9349985555.

So,spread the word about the game and the fact the differently abled too have their right to sports and entertainment. Remember, there are no limits set in concrete, only one’s we’ve not crossed yet.

Text: Susmitha Suresh        Photos: Various Sources

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