When Chai Met Toast For A Wkochi Special Dish!

When Chai Met Toast For A Wkochi Special Dish!

  • 21 Jul 2017
  • Sunaya
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Imbibing from the experience to make happy music

Your music is said to be something that will make you smile. What do you have to say about that?

I think it's something that comes naturally to us. Most songs you hear of us will bring a smile to anyone's face. It's not a genre we pushed ourselves into, but more of what we imbibe from our experiences to look at the happier side of life. It also has to do with the music we are influenced by, and the fact that we are in nature 4 happy people when we make our music. 

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Your music has no Malayalam lyrics, even though you're based out of Cochin! Why?

Malayalam as a language is something we found hard to fit in to the kind of music we make. It also has to do with the fact that words flow into each other in Malayalam unlike other languages like English and Hindi. We do try to include Indian languages whenever it fits the song though - with Beautiful World containing lines in Tamil and Firefly have a few Hindi words.
However, apart from the band, Ashwin Gopakumar (lead singer) has sung playback in Malayalam for the movie Aanandam (song Payye Veesum Kattil) and an upcoming Dulquer Salman movie. We do perform this song to a Malayali audience for our shows. 

Your EP 'Joy Of Little Things' has received a good response. How does it feel?

It's heartening that all 3 songs in the EP were received amazingly well, and the reach that it has got for a band that's 2 years old. The response from people has given us the confidence to aim for bigger things, and get out more of our music in the highest quality possible. 

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What project are you currently working on?

We recently finished shooting 2 music videos, which will be released towards the end of this month/ next month. One of them, titled 'Fight, A Different War' is directed by Ganesh Raj and shot in an unusual concept. We are excited to release as part of the 'Fight' concert tour - where we'll be performing in venues across India, starting with Kochi and Kannur. You can find details regarding this on our facebook page www.facebook.com/whenchaimettoast. Apart from this, we are also engaged in studio projects like ad works, and have also started work on a couple of songs for upcoming movies. 

Text: Devika V Menon   Images: Various sources   Featured Image sourse

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