My teacher is a rockstar - When Inspirations are right in front of you

My teacher is a rockstar - When Inspirations are right in front of you

  • 29 Nov 2017
  • Sunaya
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This inspirational Wednesday, Wkochi has a chat with  Geethu PG, a singer and  guest lecturer

“Passion is what drives you and career is what gives you the stability in life”, says  Geethu PG, who believes in having a career and following one's passion -  in her case, a passion for singing. She is currently working as a guest lecturer in the Sociology department at Sacred Hearts College and she is also a well-known singer in the music industry. 
Geethu is a prominent figure among her students. “I have been a part of the faculty at Sacred Hearts College for the last two years and there were moments when I thought that I would have to drop the job at college, but it was my faculty members who made me think twice and take up the challenge and they promised to help me in every possible way they could. Till this very day they have kept their word and they are a huge pillar of support for me”, says Geethu. 

When asked about what interests her the most, she says, “Teaching was something out of the blue for me, I never dreamt of being a teacher as my heart was filled with dreams of being a singer and turning my passion into a career. But as days went by, I started enjoying teaching and I think the college authorities and the students have played a major role in doing so. My students are always there supporting my music career. I have performed with them on stage and there is a huge number of talented people, from students to teachers, arts, sports, and literature, the number of talented individuals here at our college is just enormous and I love being a part of this hugely talented community. So, it’s hard to say one interests me more than the other because these are what keep me alive”. 

Geethu started her singing career while she was in 9th std when she joined the team of actor Suraj Venjaramoodu. She has shared the limelight on stage with some great names in the film industry. She has done music albums, film tracks and much more. Talking about her academics, she is one individual who gave importance to her academics as much as she gave for her singing career.

Whether it is teaching in a classroom or performing on stage,  she is inspiring people to chase their passion and turn it into their career. 

Text: Nikhil Wilson    Images: Geethu PG

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