When Kochi met FIFA

When Kochi met FIFA

  • 29 Oct 2017
  • Nikhil
  • Features

Wkochi has a chat with the Eunoians, who transformed the plain walls of the volunteer center at the Kochi Stadium for the FIFA U-17 WC into a world of art.

It was no accident that the volunteer center for the FIFA U-17 WC at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium Kochi, made it all the way to get featured on the official FIFA website. It was the brainchild of two hardcore football fans who were the part of the 250 member volunteer team at Kochi stadium for FIFA U-17 WC, to make the volunteer center a place filled with doodles and wall arts of football. 

Azeem Kattali and Harikrishnan KR are the two change makers who took the first step in giving a makeover for the volunteers center. Aisha Nazia, who was the venue volunteer officer of Kochi Stadium found out that, Azeem and Harikrishnan were individuals who shared a love for art and football and gave them the chance to do something unique and interesting.  

“We wanted to do something different and that's why we approached Aisha and asked about the possibilities. Replying to our question Aisha mentioned about the volunteer center and her plan to have art works all over its walls. After that, we told our team ‘Eunoians’ about doing a wall art. During the first day of our work, we had some trouble adjusting to the work, but after few hours, we started to get in sync and we wanted to fill the walls with more ideas. I was able to see a gradual growth in the team’s enthusiasm during the three days of the work,”

says Azeem, Animator and Co-founder of Eunoians Creative Studio.

The making video of the wall art done by Eunoians was directed and edited by Hareesh Kumar M of Studio ATMOS. The video has included the elements of time lapse, interview, and stop-motion, which makes it interesting from the start to the end. 

For three full days and nights, Eunoians, led by creative director Seerow Unni stationed themselves inside the volunteer center whereby the plain, white walls of the room began to give birth to daily life forms sharing a deep connection with Football.

“It was a refreshing task for the entire team of Eunoians, as we usually sit and work in front of the computers the whole day and this experience was a lot of fun. The idea to replace fishes in the fishing nets with football and the coconuts in coconut tree with football was something that came to us when we thought about combining Kerala and its love for football. We also gave an artistic 3-D touch with the fire extinguishers that were hung on the walls, as we could not remove it because of safety procedures,”

comments Harikrishnan who is the Script Writer of Eunoians.

The team included Seerow Unni, Azeem Kattali, Harikrishnan K R, Rajesh Velachery, Jeroy Joseph, Vinaya Krishnan, Rebecca, Imodraj Mohanamani, Anirudh Peethambaran, Mithun Krishna, Arun Thuvayoor, Sanal P Gopi, Midhun Mohan, Subru, Romax Lalu and Sreejith Madhavan which made the plain walls a magical journey into the world of football.

The 250-member volunteer team made sure the room was kept as it is till the end. As the matches at the stadium came to an end, it's not quite sure what will be the next step regarding the center about whether they will have to give it back to the authorities in the same condition they found it in the first place or will it remain the same as it is now. 

Click the link below to see the full video of the transformation of the volunteer center from plain walls to world of art and football

Text credits:  Nikhil Wilson          Image credits: Eunoians


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