Kerala Based Marine Hydrocolloids Changes The Way Of Using Agar Agar Through Their latest innovation - Spreadable Agar Agar Type- WONDERGEL

Kerala Based Marine Hydrocolloids Changes The Way Of Using Agar Agar Through Their latest innovation - Spreadable Agar Agar Type- WONDERGEL

  • 08 Mar 2017
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When one hears about Agar Agar which more commonly known as China Grass, the first thought is about using it in place of gelatin in dishes like jellies, custards or puddings, but treated the right way, Agar Agar is a multidimensional product developed from vegetarian sources that can replace traditional animal-based gelling agents and other expensive hydrocolloids. If you are unaware of Agar Agar beyond its name, it is a gelling agent developed from red algae that are used to make various desserts, Creamy yoghurt, Thermo reversible cold glaze and Pipe gel, No fruit and Bake Stable bakery Jam, chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Panna cotta, Gummy Jujubes and also as a thickener in savory dishes.

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the food quality awareness in the Indian market and hence, Agar Agar has risen in popularity. The product is available in most super markets and stores across the country and Marine Hydrocolloids (previously known as marine chemicals) based in Kochi have been the largest manufacturer and exporter of Agar Agar in India for the last 35 years.

Versatile gelling agent

Meron agar agar, the brand that has become synonymous with Agar Agar recently developed a spreadable thermally modified version of Agar Agar for the first time in Indian market branded as WONDER GEL. As the name indicates, it can be used in a myriad of dishes and impart wonderful favorable change in the texture, spreadability, creaminess, mouth fullness feeling. The unique functional ingredient gives a softer and creamier texture than the normal Agar Agar, while still maintaining the natural benefits of seaweed fiber and is obtained by transforming the rigid structure of native Agar Agar without any chemical processing.

In addition to being a great animal gelatin substitute, there are many other benefits of using Wondergel. It dissolves completely at a lower temperature and gels at a lower temperature as well. The highly spreadable gel has a high content of natural dietary fibers but has a neutral taste and odour and has excellent synergy with sugar, dairy and other flavoring additions. Spreadable Agar Agar type WONDERGEL is a perfect substitute for traditional gelatin in many dishes such as glazes and there is the added benefit that the product has a lower dosage, longer shelf life and suits many dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan).

Application Areas

Jams and Marmalades, Sugar-only jam, Custards, Pie Fillings and Crème Chantilly, Spreadable Cheese, Set Yogurt, Stirred Yogurt and drinking yogurt, Chocolate Milk, Ready-to drink Beverages, Mayonnaise, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Dipping Sauces, Ketchup, Cake Glaze, Crème brulee, Flans and Panna Cotta, Condensed Milk, Sherbet and Sorbet, rolled Fondant. With the introduction of WONDERGEL, Marine Hydrocolloids is expecting a remarkable improvement in the quality of food products in Indian market. Marine Hydrocolloids have published a number of recipes such as Strawberry Sorbet, Creamy yoghurt, Rolled Fondant, Cold Glaze, Bake Stable Jam, Chocolate Mousse & Vanilla Panna Cotta with Spreadable Agar Agar Type wonder Gel also Gummy Confectionery, Gummy Jujubes and Marshmallow with Agar Agar.They have a selection of recipes available on their website.

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