Wonderland at Krithi Food  A jackfruit Fest

Wonderland at Krithi Food A jackfruit Fest

  • 10 Mar 2018
  • Nikhil
  • Features

The food stall set up by the People’s Service Society was a delight to the visitors at Krithi International Book Festival of Books and Authors with products made only from jackfruit

I walked into the food festival counter after my long walk inside the books section. Who wouldn’t feel hungry after that long walk and that was what lead me to the food festival counters. As I walked in, the first thing that I noticed was a man who was having payasam. I walked up to him and asked what payasam it was and where he got it from and he pointed to the shop which said they sell only jackfruit products. Mr. J P Gopakumar was the man who guided me to this store and he was more than happy to accompany to the stall.  

I’m someone who likes to try new things and this jackfruit stall was the perfect spot for me. I came to know from the server at the stall that J P Gopakumar has been visiting their stall and buying payasam every day since the fest had started. 

The server Mr Joemon Parakkal explained the different products such as Jackfruit momo, jackfruit chilli, and he said,

”We are receiving a great response from the public towards these products. The way we make these products help us to replace jackfruit with the meat used for these items.” 

The stall is set up by the People’s Service Society and this stall seems to be one of the favourites in the food fest at Krithi. The society which was started six years ago, focuses only on Jackfruit products and when I asked why just Jackfruit, Joemon answered,

“We wanted to take a natural product that doesn’t use much artificial and harmful ingredients and Jackfruit was the best choice as it was easy to get. We have been promoting the plantation of Jackfruit trees by giving loans and supporting them in every way.”

These products have been named ‘Jaxo 100’ and it's not just Jackfruit momos, there are frozen and dried ripe jackfruit chips, Jackfruit Puttu Podi, Jackfruit Uppuma Mix, and lot more. Most of their products seem to be running out of stock and Joemon says, these are products that we used to make at homes but now everyone is busy to make these products and we are trying to give back the people the real taste from mother nature.” 

The society only sets up their stalls at exhibitions and they don’t have any shops where you can buy their products as shops don’t buy their products because they don't last long like other products as they don’t use any additional preservatives. They do have a personal customer care centre where they deliver the products if you give them the order via phone. Talking about the price of the products, the price might seem a little high, but when considering the process and time spent for each products, the price seems okay. 

Text and Image Credits: Nikhil Wilson

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